Please read carefully the following Special Terms of Participation which apply to our services (hereinafter the Company).


It is clarified that these Terms and Conditions refer to the specific information and rights and obligations of the parties regarding the rides organized. The general information for each organized trip is stated in the contract and / or the General Conditions of Participation.


Reservation Form

The participation form is the document containing the customer's personal details and preferences, as well as the ride details, completed by the customer and sent to us by e-mail so that the customer can receive additional information, start the booking process or request a specially tailored travel package.

A booking form is not a contract and does not guarantee a place on the trip. Completing and sending the form does not require the customer to pay a fee and has no charges.


Release Form

All participants in rides organized by our company must sign the release form before the rides start. No participant will be accepted without the signed release form.


Riders, passengers and escorts

Riders and any passengers must have completed at least 18 years of age. The Company reserves the right to exclude from the ride any participant who does not comply with this condition.

The escorts will follow the program of the ride, as announced at the signing of the participation contract. In the case of participation of minors, they should be accompanied by their parents and / or legal guardians, who remain fully and exclusively responsible for them.


Disclosure of information

When submitting the participation form and in any case when signing the release form, participants must specifically disclose any medical problems or conditions. The Company is not responsible for damages to the health or life of the participants either in case of concealing the above information or by participating in the ride despite the existence of medical problems or diseases. In any case, and without any obligation to do so or responsibility for that reason, the leader of the tour may, in his opinion, exclude a participant from the excursion, and in particular the activities of the rider who consider to be aggravating or inappropriate on medical grounds / physical condition.



It is acknowledged and accepted that the Company and its employees are not responsible for or guaranty for the safety of any customer and / or escort and cannot be held responsible in any way for the behavior of the customer and / or escort when participating in the excursion, which could result in injury, damage or death to the client (s) of his / her family or other participants in the journey or to the deterioration / destruction of his / her property or that of third parties.

The Company is not responsible for accidents or incidents that may lead to injury or death.


Required documents

Each participating rider must bring with him the following:

  1. Valid passport with at least 3 months maturity (as applicable)

  2. Visa (if necessary travel document)

  3. Vehicle registration certificate

  4. Valid driving license

  5. Vehicle insurance certificate/Green card

  6. International driving license (for drivers outside the EU)



The Company will not provide any kind of equipment. Customers should bring their own equipment. The helmet and the following equipment are mandatory to participate in a ride: 

[Helmet (preferably off-road with goggles or rally helmet), boots, protectors for knees, elbows, and chest, gloves,  jacket (rain-jacket), camelback or backpack (It is advisable to stay hydrated throughout the rides). In case of a co-rider, the off-road gear is a prerequisite.]

The participating rider is solely responsible for the suitability and condition of his equipment.

In the event that a customer does not have equipment he must inform us in time and at the time of the signing of the participation contract with the order to assist at his own expenses for the rental of the required equipment. Company cannot and will not be held liable for the condition and/or suitability of equipment provided by third parties.


Weather conditions

The Company schedules dates so weather is as good as possible for safe and enjoyable rides. But as rides go through various areas of particular morphology and climate, the Company cannot at any time know in advance or be held responsible for unpleasant and inappropriate weather conditions.


Leader guidelines and compliance obligation

The Leader of each ride has the right to change the route due to sudden events such as inability of riders to respond to the route, sudden changes in weather, social unrest, natural disasters, strikes affecting the trip, works in progress etc.

The Leader of each ride is there to guarantee the proper conduct of the ride. It is extremely important for all riders to follow Leader's suggestions each morning before each departure to ensure the best possible conditions for driving.

The Company reserves the right to cancel a participation or cancel the ride in the event of non-compliance with the terms and conditions that have been signed. The Leader of each tour has the right to deny or withdraw from the group for which he or she is in charge of any participant who considers that his / her driving or general behavior is endangering the physical integrity or proper conduct of the excursion for himself / herself and / or other participants.


Traffic conditions

Employees / escorts of Company will explain to each customer which road traffic rules and local driving conditions / habits apply.

The Company is not responsible for any fine imposed on a customer who violates local laws / road traffic code.

The Company may cancel the contract at any time with a customer who repeatedly violates the laws and the road traffic code during the ride or ignores the Leader's instructions.

It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol or other substances throughout the driving day and is a reason for canceling participation or ride in accordance with what is stated herein.


Photos / videos

Company will produce during the tours photos and videos that can be used for brochures, website and as communication materials.

The Company holds all copyrights for these materials and can use them for any communication, advertising, and commercial activity.

Clients who can be identified can tell the Company that they do not want their face to appear.


The Company -based on the legal provisions in force- offers travel insurance, which is included in the price of the tour. Its start is set at the start of the ride and ends with the end of it. The price of each route includes road assistance.

All insurance coverage provided by the Company does not apply if the causes of any theft, injury, damage or loss are attributable solely to the negligence of the participant. In any situation resulting in an unfortunate event, the presence of police and the recording of the incident are due.


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